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COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 spring class was suspended and will tentatively resume in the Spring of 2021. We are accepting applications for Class 6, and the start date is tentatively Fall, 2021 or Spring, 2022.

What is the Citizens Academy?

The Citizens Academy is an annual event for local community, religious and civic leaders, and organizations to interact and talk directly with ATF special agents and participate in hands-on activities related to ATF’s areas of investigative responsibilities.​

The goal of the ATF Houston Field Division Citizens’ Academy is to create a lasting partnership with community, religious leaders, civic leaders and organizations through education of our regulatory and technical capabilities which play a vital role in the reduction of violent crime. The focus is to highlight the vital role ATF serves in safe guarding south east Texas, as well as to build a special bond between ATF and the communities.

We are very excited because we have just completed another very successful ATF Citizen's Academy. Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Alumni Member and Graduates of the ATF Citizen Academy.

Miguel Amaro, David Brown, Jamie Ehrman, Gavin Giere, Toby Hausman, Karen Jarrett, Richard Koenigsdorf, Josh Lack, Josh Mone, Kevin O’Dell, Janice Powell- Jordan, Deborah Richard , Arnaldo Rojas, Doug Samples, Gina Sunseri, Charly Varughese, Patrick Wong, Bryan Zirkle


History of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF): The early years of tax collecting to today's law enforcement and regulatory bureau.

Industry Operations Investigators (IOI): Functions and responsibilities in governing federal firearms licensing and regulations.

Federal Firearms Laws: ATF's responsibilities for regulating the firearms industry and investigating firearms related criminal activity.

Firearms Trafficking Case Study: Learning from past ATF firearms trafficking cases and how we adapt our investigation methods to counter and stop firearms trafficking.

International Firearms Trafficking (IFT): Cause and effect of international firearms trafficking and how it affects our local community.

Range Day: Spend an afternoon firing different tactical weapons/learning tactical movement formations.

Arson: Learn about our Certified Fire Investigator Program, interesting case studies and K-9 demonstration and detection.

Blast Demonstration: See first hand the destructive force of pyrotechnics.

Special Response Team: Learn about ATF's specialized team of operators, medics and negotiators.

Waco: An evening with a Special Agent who was on scene at the Branch Davidian Search Warrant. He will discuss the Search Warrants, the deaths of 4 ATF Special Agents, and the aftermath of that day in history.

Participant Eligibility

    • Civic, Religious, Business and Community Leaders and Organizations
    • 21 year of age and above
    • No Prior Felony Convictions
    • Submit to a background check
    • Live and/or work in the Greater Houston area.

How to Apply

Applications are now being accepted for Class 6 of the Citizens Academy.

Click Apply Now to complete your application fro review.

** Please note, the exact date of the class has not been set due to COVID-19 but will likely be Fall 2021.

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